The Man Who Knew Infinity. cinema paradiso.

... There are no proofs nor underlying laws that can determine the outcome in matters of the heart.

... He told me that an equation for him had no meaning unless it expressed a thought of God.
Well, despite everything in my being set to the contrary, perhaps he is right.
For is this not exactly our justification for pure mathematics?
We are merely explorers of infinity in the pursuit of absolute perfection.
We do not invent these formulae, they already exist and lie in wait for only the very brightest of minds, like Ramanujan, ever to divine and prove.
So, in the end, I have been forced to consider, who are we to question Ramanujan, let alone God?

... Let's take this one.
- What? I don't see what's so special about this one.
... Neither did I at first.


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