on Brexit. rambling.

복잡한 여러가지 면모를 떠나, 공감되는 글들.

... a referendum reduces complexity to absurd simplicity. The tangle of international cooperation and shared sovereignty represented by Britain’s membership of the EU was traduced into a series of mendacious claims and promises. ... [Brexit campaigners] rejected every expert as part of a self-serving conspiracy of the haves against the have-nots. So, whether it was the governor of the Bank of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, or the President of the United States, their advice counted for nothing. All were portrayed as representatives of another world, with no relationship to the lives of ordinary British people... [It was] a revolt against a perceived metropolitan elite. - Chris Patten

... This isn’t democracy; it is Russian roulette for republics. A decision of enormous consequence – far greater even than amending a country’s constitution (of course, the United Kingdom lacks a written one) – has been made without any appropriate checks and balances.... The idea that somehow any decision reached anytime by majority rule is necessarily “democratic” is a perversion of the term. Modern democracies have evolved systems of checks and balances to protect the interests of minorities and to avoid making uninformed decisions with catastrophic consequences. The greater and more lasting the decision, the higher the hurdles. - Kenneth Rogoff

... The problem is that citing expert views seemed patronizing to many voters. Given that the EU was already viewed as a project that benefited elites disproportionately, maybe even exclusively, this is not surprising. Like a frustrated child being scolded by an overweening schoolmaster, many Britons decided that they would "show them" ... The vote for Brexit was driven by the sense that political and economic “elites” were both corrupt and wrong about the likely consequences. - Harold James

... What none of the U.K. pollsters, bookmakers and city experts realized was there was a huge groundswell of anger which was going to tip the balance away from their presumed favorite. ... The clear message from this sensational day for any politician or world leader is this: Ignore the concerns of the people at your peril. - Piers Morgan


... I see politicians on TV every night telling us that this is a f-ing momentous decision that could f-ing change Britain forever and blah, blah, blah. It’s like, okay, why don’t you f-ing do what we pay you to do which is run the f-ing country and make your f-ing mind up.... they didn’t f-ing ask us for a referendum when they were going off to war, did they? - Noel Gallagher (비록 이 인터뷰 후 욕을 많이 먹었지만) I see his point..


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