High-Rise. cinema paradiso.

(너무 좋아하는 두 배우!)

i. 보는 동안 Terry Gilliam의 Brazil과 Bauman이 말한 '자발적 게토'가 떠올랐다. self-appointed god이나 마찬가지인 architect(Jeremy Irons)가 간과한 인간의 본성이란?

ii. 디스토피아적 시대상을 brutalist architecture로 표현했는데, 영화의 모델이 Barbican일까 궁금해서 찾아봤더니 Trellick Tower라고 한다.

High Rise is "not a criticism of post-war architecture" says director Ben Wheatley

... I think whenever you try to take a god-like view and try to force social stuff on to people and have an overarching idea of how, from your perspective, people are going to live, you're opening yourself up for trouble.

The way that cities organically grow, they grow like that for a reason, through the actual needs of the people rather than being told how to live. Not to say you couldn't get it right, but I wouldn't be surprised when you got it really, really wrong. -Ben Wheatley


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