5 to 7. cinema paradiso.

... Put aside your notions about how people are, Brian. The world will surprise you with its grace if you let it.

... I had a long time to consider the value of memory, and the idea that just because something doesn't last forever doesn't mean its worth is diminished. Maybe it was just a rationalization - easier on the soul than mourning what might have been - the life unlived. I honestly don't know, but I chose to believe in memory. I chose to believe in her. I chose to believe that the bond was never broken and that we carried each other in our hearts. As a secret singularity.


i. 진부하기도, 독특하기도 했던 영화.

ii. 세상에 쉬이 정의 내릴 수 없는, 규정할 수 없는 것들은 얼마나 많은지.
'그 자체'로밖에 설명이 안 되는 것들은, 결국 '그렇게' 남을 수밖에 없다 해도 괜찮은 것 같다.

iii. 영화 후반부쯤 문득 생각난 노래. (비록 '날 슬프게 할 수 없는' 이유와 소망은 다를지라도.)

김광진 2집 버전도 좋지만...


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