Is it truly all in vain? rambling.

i. 2005년 겨울, 퀘백. 영하 20도. 

수십 마리의 허스키들과 (무서웠지만, 그래도 꼬리를 반갑게 흔들어 주어) 즐겁게 놀던 기억.
또 두꺼운 털외투를 빌려 입고 마차를 탔고, 하늘이 멋졌고, 나니아 연대기가 생각났었다.
올해는 도무지 겨울/크리스마스 기분이 나지 않는다.


The history of a socialist utopia.

... I’m interested in the history of the soul. The everyday life of the soul, the things that the big picture of history usually omits, or disdains.

... In Dostoevsky’s Demons, Shatov says to Stavrogin, “We are two creatures who have met in boundless infinity . . . for the last time in the world. So drop that tone and speak like a human being. At least once, speak with a human voice.” That is more or less how my conversations with my protagonists begin. People speak from their own time, of course, they can’t speak out of a void.

... In our times, truth has been shattered into millions of pieces and it is only by attempting to reassemble those fragments that we can ever hope to find an approximation of reality.



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