If I fell - The Beatles. 그대 손으로.

아침에 일어나서 비틀즈를 듣다가- 죽은 왕녀를 위한 파반느(박민규)가 떠올랐다가, 비 오는 날 리버풀의 풍경이 떠올랐다가, 함부르크가 생각났다가, 비틀즈가 세상의 아름다움을 모두 표현한 게 아닐까하고 대화를 나눴던 날이 떠올랐다가... - 언제나 눈 앞에 스치는 풍경들이, 또 떠오르는 추억들이 참 많아서 나는 과연 행복한가, 불행한가 또 고민하다가... Salman Rushdie를 읽었다.


... It was precisely the partial nature of these memories, their fragmentation, that made them so evocative for me. The shards of memory acquired greater status, greater resonance, because they were remains; fragmentation made trivial things seem like symbols, and the mundane acquired numinous qualities.

... It may be argued that the past is a country from which we have all emigrated, that its loss is part of our common humanity.

... It is made more concrete for him by the physical fact of discontinuity, of his present being in a different place from his past, of his being 'elsewhere.'

... Our identity is at once plural and partial. - Imaginary Homelands, Salman Rushdie



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