At first sight - 사랑이 머무는 풍경. cinema paradiso.

... I wanted you to know that I am smiling.

... Rain all around us. 
- Einfühlung. ... what's that? - It's an architectural term. It means.... to share a feeling.

... Have you ever listened to the rain?

... You can see a lot, but none of that matters if you lose sight of what you want.

... I think we live in darkness when we don't really see what's real about ourselves.


안타까운 소식만 가득한 요즘, 따뜻한 영화를 보고싶었다. (실화를 토대로 한 영화라고 한다.)

각자의 방식으로 세상을 '보여주기.' 이해하고, 익숙해지기.

한국어 제목이 더 좋다.

+ 요즘에 힘이 되는 말.

... "I don't pretend to have an all-encompassing solution, clearly we don't, but with what we're trying to do here, at least we're no longer part of the problem." - from The Honourable Woman


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