Kieslowski on Kieslowski 1. 그리고 아무말도 하지 않았다.

... to examine their own lives.. If you don't understand your own life, then I don't think you can understand the lives of the characters in your stories, you can't understand the lives of other people. 

... it wasn't even jealousy I felt because you can only be jealous of something which, theoretically, is within your reach. You can envy that, but you can't envy something which is completely beyond you. There was nothing wrong with my feelings. On the contrary, they were very positive; a certain admiration and bedazzlement that something like that is possible- and that it would always be beyond my reach.

... I don't believe you can be shown a goal if you don't find it yourself.

... but it had a mass of authors; a lot of people gave me ideas, not to mention all those who gave me ideas without even knowing it, simply by having been in my life in the past or in the present.

... they are not in a position to do anything about or to answer any of our essential, fundamental, human and humanistic questions. 

... individuals, who... suddenly realize that they're going round and round in circles, that they're not achieving what they want. We've become too egoistic, too much in love with ourselves and our needs, and it's as if everybody else has somehow disappeared into the background.... Our lives slip away, through our fingers.

... I think integrity is an extremely complicated combination and we can never ultimately say 'I was honest' or "I wasn't honest.' In all our actions and all the different situations in which we find ourselves, we find ourselves in a position from which there's really no way out- and even if there is, it's not a better way out, a good way out, it's only relatively better than the other options, or, to put it another way, the lesser evil. This, of course, defines integrity.


몇 번이나 쉬면서 읽고 있다. 읽는 내내 '왜 내가 그를 그토록 좋아하는지,' 딱히 말로는 표현 못할 그 미묘한 감정과 이유에 대해서 확인과 확신을 받고 있는 기분이다. (그래서 다행이고, 또 한편으로는 슬퍼진다.)


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