Waterland. cinema paradiso.

... That day I discovered there are many ways a love can end. As many ways as there are people.

... In one life there can be more than one ending. It's been like that in mine. But as for what really bothers some of you, the end of the future, the final end, how can I help you? I can't. I'm the same as you now. I don't expect much from my future, I mean I'm gone, I'm history. At your age Price, oh, at your age...

... It seemed to keep my father going in his life, telling stories - though they never ending well. There was always a fog of horror, or the sadness and despair. I said to him once, I said don't you know any stories that have a happy ending? He said nope. Nope. He said if I was ever to find one, I should be sure to live there.


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